Golden Milk Tea Recipe

Golden Milk Tea is a deeply grounding way to promote immue system strength, warm our body and soul, and settle us into this winter season.

Sitting in this deep winter state, it is easy to notice the changes within our body and mind. Transition of seasons can be subtle or extreme. This place of restoration and reflection found in the winter season may not come easy for those constantly on the go and productive. It can be filled with doubt or distraction from self and in “not doing enough”. To foster acceptance and ease in this state, we call to warming our bodies and mind, finding comfort and grounding into our truth .

“As within, so without. As above, so below.”

I return to this quote again and again and have begun to understand it in the contect of our body and mind relationship. What is reflected externally on the body, is also reflected internally.

When my hair is dry and strung out, so is the connective tissue between my muscles. When my skin is itchy and cold, so are my organs.
When my mind is slow and cloudy, so is my circulation.

In the same way we like to put lotion on and take long baths in the winter, I find it additionally restorative and healing to find ways to provide warmth and moisturizer internally.

By eating warm cooked foods like stews with root veggies and warm spices, I soothe my digestion and increase agni, the fire of digestion.

Movement and daily massage with oils helps to lubricate my joints when they are cold and stiff from the weather.

And Golden Milk Tea is powerful in reducing inflammation, supporting our immune system, and grounding us with earthy spices. Find the recipe I use below!

Golden Milk Paste:

+1/2 cup ground turmeric
+1 cup water

*Spices: start with 1/4tsp each, increase to your liking for your constitition

+Black Pepper

—Simmer together on low for up to 10 minutes to form a thick paste.
—Remove from heat and cool slightly
—Add 3 tbs ghee, stir
—Transfer to a glass jar

Store paste in the fridge for up to 1 year.

Directions for making tea:

Tumeric is best used in combination with black pepper and some sort of fat, adding ghee as well as a milk variety will make this remedy highly medicinal.

+Add 1 tbs+ of paste to coconut milk, other milk alternative, (water can be used as a substitute), and simmer until throughly blended
+Add 1tbs honey after heat to marry the spices together
+Find a cozy spot and a friend to share your tea!

Published by Rachael Schmoker

Healing through the embodied self with care for community and environment. Engaging in trauma informed, holistic healing methodologies to support a community of healing.

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