Nervous System & Yoga Workshop

Explore the nervous system through yoga and discussion while learning concrete practices to de-stress and re-center. 

We will talk through a wide range of tools that support the body’s natural systems, such as: embodied somatics and yoga asana, breathwork, Yoga Nidra, Vagus Nerve stimulation, and others.

In understanding what influences our stress response, we can experiment with utilizing specific tools to strengthen our systems resiliency in the face of stress and mitigate activation in the moment. 

-Explore various components of the nervous system

– Gain deeper understanding of how to reset and self-regulate

-Practice tools to strengthen your system’s resilience in the face of stress

-Mitigate stress activation in the moment

July 23rd
2:30 – 5pm AK Time

1044 East End Road, Homer, AK
in collaboration with Dharmic Spruce

Yoga for stress
Guided discussion
Somatic techniques
Yoga Nidra

Sliding Scale $30-50
In-Person & Virtual

Published by Rachael Schmoker

Healing through the embodied self with care for community and environment. Engaging in trauma informed, holistic healing methodologies to support a community of healing.

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