Behind Rivers Turn

Rivers Turn Wellbeing is a holistic care and health coaching practice supporting you in your individual goals. Rachael is a Holistic Health Practitioner drawing her experience from Health Coaching, Ayurveda, Yoga, and somatic healing methods providing guidance in a variety of techniques in order for each person to find their own path.

Rivers Turn Wellbeing will work with you to make an individualized care program unique to your experiences and goals. Holistic care can look very different for different people, to meet your needs we may explore…

Yoga Alignment
Ayurvedic Lifestyle Recommendations
Health Coaching, Behavior Change
Tongue and Pulse Observations
Reiki Attunement
Mindfulness and Meditation
Restorative Healing
Breathwork Techniques

Rivers Turn Wellbeing now offers services Virtually and in-person in Homer, Alaska and is a Trauma-Informed practice.

Rachael Mannix Schmoker

“Born and raised in Alaska I spent my childhood in the wilderness exploring. I understood that my health was influenced by what and who was around me; by environment and community. I started a journey to study Community Health and eventually found my path toward holistic healing.”

Studies in Community Health and Health Coaching has provided me with invaluable skills to facilitate individual awareness and action toward behavior change. Exploring mindfulness has led me into deeper understanding of the benefits of movement and holistic techniques to revitalize our bodies, embody our most well self, and support our overall wellbeing.

I work with individuals who have all ranges of experiences, abilities and interests and I focus my energy as a practioner to meet each person with new eyes, looking at a unique set of skills and goals. It is my belief there is no one-way toward health and happiness, but it can start with curious exploration, continuous learning, and a cultivation of awareness.

I would love to hear about your questions and interests.
Reach out, say hello here.

What people are saying…

Rachael is a truly gifted yoga instructor and an intuitive healer. Her background in community health and genuine care for people shines through in every class. At the start of each class, she checks in with each student and is able to bring a wise awareness of everyone’s individual needs; she then provides gentle guidance and exactly the right amount of challenge to each pose. I had a wonderful experience practicing yoga with Rachael and I look forward to experiencing her healing and positive energy in the future.” -Molly R

“Rachel has a unique talent for orchestrating group activities and making everyone in her presence feel welcome!” – Kara D.

“After several months of ear pressure and pain (and several doctor visits) I reached out to Rachael for Reiki and Ayurvedic bodywork in hopes of relief prior to a long drive back home. I experienced almost total and immediate pressure relief and relaxation like I’ve rarely felt. I will certainly be returning when visiting Homer again, and highly recommend her.” – Tom S.

Cultivating self-awareness is
a path toward harmony
within and outside the self.

Inclusivity Pledge

Rivers Turn seeks to be accessible to all levels of study and experience, all age ranges, diversity backgrounds, and those who identify outside the binary. I welcome individuals with disabilities and their inclusion to this practice. I am an ally for black and indigenous people of color, I am constantly seeking ways to increase the accessibility and inclusivity of holistic care while working toward an anti-racist, respect driven culture.

Holistic Certifications and Experiences

  • Holistic Health Practicioner, AADP
  • Ayurvedic Health Educator
    Ayurvedic Health Counselor (2023)
  • Health Coach
  • 200hr Yoga Alignment Training,
    Trauma Informed
  • Usui Reiki Level 1

Scope of Practice Disclaimer: Rivers Turn Wellbeing, and service providers, are not medical doctors and will not seek to diagnose or prescribe for diseases, disorders or pathological conditions. Recieving services from Rivers Turn Wellbeing does not replace visiting your primary physician or seeking other medical care. Rivers Turn Wellbeing specifically works with lifestyle and routine adjustment, catering nutrional and herbal support for your unique constitution, educating and practicing stress relieving techniques, and providing alternative perspectives for health goals and how to see them through. All certifications are listed above and Rivers Turn Wellbeing is fully insured. If there are questions or concerns, I invite anyone to reach out.

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