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Summer Yoga Workshop

Summer Yoga Workshop

July 23rd: Nervous System & Yoga
2:30-5:30pm at Dharmic Spruce
1044 East End Road Homer, AK
Virtual and In-Person
Cost: $50

“Explore the nervous system through yoga and discussion while learning concrete practices to destress and recenter. “

JUNE 18: Partner Yoga Workshop
2:30 – 4:30 PM at Dharmic Spruce Homer, Alaska
Cost: $60 Per Pair
*Stay tuned for Fall Partner Workshops

“We will learn new techniques to partner stretch with the goal of supporting each other into challenging and restful poses.”


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Explore newness

Ayurvedic Health

Ayurvedic Health

Ayurveda is a sister science of Yoga, rooted in Holistic, Natural based care and is concerned with harmony and longevity. Ayurveda explores the science of the human body as well as how natural remedies and specific herbs can heal, cleanse, and balance. Ayurveda recognizes our capacity to self-heal through awareness and conscious choices while offering daily practices to support a healthy you!

Ayurveda recognizes the uniqueness of each individual and through a personalized assessment to determine your specific constitution, we begin to unpack your natural tendencies and encourage individualized remedies to support healing, health, and happiness.

Ayurveda pays specific attention toward digestive health as a precurssor to tissue, body and mental health. This healing science is a tool of individuals seeking whole-person perspecific on health concerns or chronic complaints, as well as for individuals with no particular health concerns but with an interest in whole-body well-being. Ayurveda is both remedy-based and preventative, enabling deeper awareness of the connection between bodies, minds, and how we interact with the world.

Rivers Turn Wellbeing shares Ayurvedic tools to help align with your highest self. Meet with Rachael to discuss your health goals and see how Ayurveda can serve you as you serve yourself.

Intake + Consultation
90min: $100

45-60min: $60-75

Bundle Intake + Consultation, Follow-Up
90min Intake + 60min Session: $155


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Align to your Wellbeing.


Yoga Classes, Workshops, & Privates

Current residency with Dharmic Spruce at the Many Rivers Studio in Homer, Alaska. Classes open to all abilities, providing many variations to meet your body’s comfort.

*Times offered in AK timezone
Tuesday and Thursday 8am: Mindful Mornings, Hatha inspired gentle wake-up.

Sunday 10am: Wake-Up Vinyasa, inspired by Ayurvedic alignment and creating heat to get the body ready for the day ahead.

Sunday 12:30pm: Slow-Down Restorative, geared toward rest and relaxation to reset the body’s awareness and find healing.

Virtual Offerings

Saturday 8am: Join from the comfort of your space and wake up with intentional movements.
Email to receive Zoom link.

Private Classes are welcomed and encouraged to deepen your body awareness. Whether you are wanting to strengthen your asana practice, learn a new skill, heal from an injury, or just ask questions you are welcomed! Reach out to Rachael to discuss one-on-one classes.


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Move your way.



Reiki Attunements are a subtle form of vibrational healing through energy centers, or biofields which srurround and permeate the body.

Within all of us there are vital energy centers, clusters of neurons and connections, that help our bodies and minds interact with the world fully.

These energy centers help us to fall asleep at night and wake up in the morning. They help us find clarity and inspiration for the future, as well as calmness to accept the present moment. These centers are part of our intuitive response and help us form connections with the people we love. At times these centers can be clouded, blocked, or dissolved and weakened which can look like short tempers, insomnia or chronic pain, loss of creativity, anxiety, worry, stress, loss of connection to yourself, among other sensations.

Reiki is a practice that supports our overall wellbeing by bringing balance and strengthens our natural ability to heal. Reiki can nourish our intuition, expand creativity, and cultivate grounding and self-security. It can also help us speak our truth to express ourselves, regulate our nervous system, mitigate chronic conditions of pain or anxiety, ease insomnia and so many other concerns.

The beauty about Reiki is that it is a non-invasive, holistic therapy which is always safe and appropriate for everyone. All Reiki asks is for you to show up for yourself and allow natural healing to begin.

Sessions involve intuitively placing the hands lightly on or above the body. This action allows pulsations of consciousness to flow from giver to reciever according to their needs, like water seeking its own level. This subtle reset of energy can be the difference between indecision and confidently moving into your natural flow.

Recieving Reiki can be a one-off practice, however these bodily systems gain a cumulative effect after multiple sessions helping to move the system toward greater integration.

Reiki sessions are deeply restorative, often leaving the reciever feeling centered and calm while worries have faded away.

This practice welcomes anyone with experience in Reiki or those who are curious to explore something new.
Rivers Turn Wellbeing is offering in-person Reiki Healing sessions and virtual self-care Reiki workshops. If you’re curious about how Reiki can serve you, reach out today!

60min: $85
90min: $100


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Heal from within.

Meditation Classes

Meditation Classes

Join a mindfulness community as we practice meditation and pranayama together each week, a short guided practice will be guided to reconnect the body and mind.

Meditations may include use of body scanning, sense therapeutics, guided imagery, and subtle Reiki and Chakra attunements. We will also engage in pranayama for mindfulness of breath.

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Find your center.

Seasonal Discounts!

Discounts just for you

Rivers Turn Wellbeing is passionate about increasing access to holistic care, to suit your needs here are seaonal discounts for all offerings.

BOOK NOW, and email me with your discount code after you book your session date. Discounts for cash or chekc.

New Clients
Don’t let your first session be a barrier. For your first booking, take 50% off your second session when you book with cash or check. (CODE: First)

Bring your friend along! Refer a friend and take 25% off any session. (CODE: Referral)

Friends of the Cedar Cabin at Many Rivers Studio
For students of Dharmic Spruce or clients of Intuitive Bodywerks, recieve 1 free session when you book 1 with cash or check. (CODE: Selfcare)

Students and Teachers
Thank you for your hard work and all you do students and teachers, recieve 1 free session when you book 1 with cash or check. (CODE: School)

Healthcare Workers
Even healers need healing. For nurses, doctors, and those working in healthcare, recieve 1 free session when you book 1 with cash or check. (CODE: Health)

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Donations for a Cause

In consideration of committing to social activism, Rivers Turn Wellbeing pledges to donate a portion of the proceeds to causes promoting open-access and community led Wellbeing programs.

May we extend our wellbeing outward toward others, and may we extend our community across boarders to promote our collective wellbeing.

Check out this year’s (2021) organization we have chosen to donate to on our Donations blog.

*Rivers Turn strives for inclusivity and access for all offering standard, sliding scale, and donation based classes. If these prices do not meet your means, please contact me to discuss options.
Wellbeing is for everyone, I am happy to design a program that works for you.*

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