Wellbeing is Holistic Care

“As the thought so the mind, as the mind so the being.”
-Dr. V. Lad

The balance between the mind and body is often hard to unpack;
Rivers Turn Wellbeing is a Holistic Care practice seeking to deepen that relationship from an understanding based in sciences and experience.

From the mind and body, to our environment.

Rivers Turn Wellbeing will work with you to make an individualized care program unique to your experiences and goals. Holistic care can look very different for different people, to meet your needs this practice may use

Yoga Alignment
Ayurvedic Health Counseling
Tongue and Pulse Observations
Reiki Attunement
Trauma Informed Healing
Health Counseling and Behavior Change
Mindfulness and Meditation
Restorative Healing
Breathwork Techniques

Rivers Turn is happy to work privately, in small groups, or to host specific workshops. May your journey be unique to your goals of Wellbeing.

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