Welcome to Rivers Turn,
a journey of health starts here.

Rivers Turn Wellbeing

Work with Rivers Turn in group classes, workshops, and individual health counseling to meet your wellbeing goals. Come tune in with yourself in a healing practice emphasizing awareness of your relationship with the self, community, and environment.


Rivers Turn, a holistic wellbeing practice, engages in grounding techniques of listening to the body in its environment to practice awareness.

Living Well

Rivers Turn whole systems approach
using mind-body sciences to release stored stress and promote harmony.

Meet Rivers Turn

Rachael Mannix Schmoker grew up in Alaska and has spent the last 10 years exploring Integrative Medicine modalities of health interventions connecting science and healing. Rivers Turn was born from the desire to expand the conversation around our collective healing.

Follow along as we explore plant based remedies, create movement inspired from the season, and heal our bodies from within.