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Rivers Turn Wellbeing

is a holistic care practice that meets you where you’re at to develop a routine to meet your health goals. Work with Rivers Turn Wellbeing in-person and virtually for private or group classes, workshops, and individual health consultations.

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Rivers Turn Wellbeing, is currently based out of The Cedar Cabin Studio and guides with Dharmic Spruce Yoga in Homer, Alaska. Rachael emphasizes practices aimed at cultivating awareness and supporting happy, healthy living.

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is Holistic Care. Our capacity to be well depends on our own awareness of what influences us, what supports us, and what we are made of.

Rivers Turn draws from disciplines which connect mind-body sciences to empower changes that help us thrive. Major attention is placed on rest with the understanding that restoration leads to self-awareness and a higher capacity to digest life.

Meet Rivers Turn

Rachael Mannix Schmoker grew up in Alaska and has spent the last 10 years exploring Complimentary Alternative Medicine like Holistic Care, Health Coaching and Movement Sciences while connecting science and intuition with healing.

Rivers Turn Wellbeing was born from the desire to offer preventative and holistic routines to everyone which to promote health, harmony, and happiness.

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Follow along as we explore plant based remedies, create movement inspired from the season, and heal our bodies from within.