Summer Kitchari

Kitchari is a simple Ayurvedic dish used for cleanses but can also be added into your meal mix to bring balance into your diet. All together, prep and cook time is just around an hour, with minimal dishes and a one pot meal makes this an easy recipe during the busy summer season. Kitchari isContinue reading “Summer Kitchari”

Nervous System & Yoga Workshop

Explore the nervous system through yoga and discussion while learning concrete practices to de-stress and re-center.  We will talk through a wide range of tools that support the body’s natural systems, such as: embodied somatics and yoga asana, breathwork, Yoga Nidra, Vagus Nerve stimulation, and others. In understanding what influences our stress response, we canContinue reading “Nervous System & Yoga Workshop”

Donations for a Cause

Rivers Turn is commited to sharing our practices with communities and organizations who are also aimed at increasing accessibility toward health and wellbeing. It is our deepest truth that in community we thrive together, while we may be far apart it is important to share our journey with others. Each year we will highlight anContinue reading “Donations for a Cause”

To change, first we listen

In the wellbeing and yoga industry there considerable actions we can take to align with social justice movements, to promote our collective healing, and to create community. These voices are seeking to propell a new vision of what health looks like in our environment, community, and self by respecting representation, understanding discriminatory bias and theContinue reading “To change, first we listen”

Golden Milk Tea Recipe

Golden Milk Tea is a deeply grounding way to promote immue system strength, warm our body and soul, and settle us into this winter season. Sitting in this deep winter state, it is easy to notice the changes within our body and mind. Transition of seasons can be subtle or extreme. This place of restorationContinue reading “Golden Milk Tea Recipe”

Chakra Healing Centers

The 7 chakras (energy wheels) are an ancient Sanskrit understanding of the energy centers that pulse chi (life force) throughout our body. Understanding the chakras and their representation within our bodies allows us to connect the manifestation of emotions and our physical bodies. When we are in emotional distress or physical pain, often these chakrasContinue reading “Chakra Healing Centers”